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In your home Pet Sitting


In Your Home Pet Sitting

- from $85 per night

Boarding your pets can be an excellent option for highly energetic and social pups.  Friends and family are great low-cost options but are they reliable, and would they know what to do in an emergency? 


Pets love routine and stability, regardless of who provides it.  So what is a better option, for our furry companions, than letting them stay in their own home and do things on their regular schedule?  Having me stay in your home, or make regular visits, water the plants, check the mailbox, etc., is also an extra layer of home security.


Are we the cheapest?  No! 

"Price is what you pay; value is what you get"                     - Warren Buffett.

We are the team!  We do not outsource or sub-contract and are insured and bonded.  We are Pet First Aid & CPR trained - one of us is even an Instructor.  Our knowledge and experience are unique.  Ultimately the value of our pets' well-being is priceless.

Meet and Greet

- $50 one time registration

Before entering your home, for the first time, it is essential for me to get to know your pets and for you and them to feel comfortable with me.  This is essential for safety and security.

A meet and greet may take from 30 minutes to 3 hours - I work at the pace of your pet's comfortability levels.  I want them to accept and acknowledge me as a friend in your presence before I show up unescorted.  If you would like me to take your dog(s) on walks during my stay or visit, we will also do this together during this time.

I will also complete in-depth profiles for each pet to ensure I know their likes, dislikes, general health, medical history, and personality.

This is also an opportunity for you to get to know me better and to ensure that you are comfortable with me staying in your home and that your pets give me their approval! 


If, for any reason, one of us (you, the pets, or myself) are not 100% comfortable, we can voice our concerns at this time.  It is safer and more reassuring not to proceed than to take a booking and be disappointed in the service. 

Pet Tech® First Aid & CPR

- $99 per person

Pet Tech® is the first International Training Center dedicated to CPR, First Aid & Care for dogs and cats. We have been teaching the important skills of Pet CPR, First Aid & Care for over 20 years. The Pet Tech® Trainings have helped save the lives of deca-thousands of pets that have been in emergency situations with their pet parent or pet care professional.


In the 5+ hour class you will learn CPR techniques, first aid skills, as well as health and wellness information for dogs and cats. Additionally, the class includes our PetSaver™ 40-page handbook and upon successful completion, each participant will receive a certificate and wallet card.


You will learn the following...

  • Importance of Pet First Aid

  • 10 Situations That Require Immediate Veterinary Care

  • Pet CPR (3 Styles)

  • How to Put Together Your Own Pet First Aid Kit

  • Rescue Breathing

  • Restraining Your Pet

  • Choking Management

  • Heat and Cold Injuries

  • Bleeding Management

  • Poisoning

  • How to Help Your Pet in a Medical Emergency

  • Insect Bites and Stings

  • Snout-To-Tail™ Wellness Assessment

  • Snake Bite

For the latest class information and registration, visit Pettech.Pro/Kirsty

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